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What Are Donchian Channels and How To Trade Them

Understanding How To Use Donchian Channels

Donchian Channels Trading Guide
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Donchian Channels were developed by Richard Donchian in the mid-1900s. They are a very simple technical analysis indicator that can be used to help identify potential breakout and reversal opportunities in a market.

What Are Donchian Channels

donchian channels example

Donchian Channels consist of three lines plotted on a chart that represents the highest high, lowest low, and average price over a specific time frame. The upper line represents the highest high over a certain period, while the lower line represents the lowest low. The middle line is the average of the two and is often used as a reference point. They can be used on any chart time frame from short-term intraday charts to long-term daily and weekly charts.

How To Trade Donchian Channels?

You can use Donchian Channels to identify when an asset is breaking out of a range, which can signal the beginning of a new trend. When the price breaks through the upper line, it is considered a bullish signal, and when it breaks through the lower line, it is considered bearish.

The width of the channels can also be used to determine market volatility, with wider channels indicating a higher fluctuation in price meaning higher volatility. You can also use the width of the channels to set stop-loss orders and take-profit levels.

Another way to use Donchian Channels is to combine them with other technical indicators, such as moving averages or oscillators. For example, you could wait for a bullish breakout above the upper channel line and confirm the signal with a bullish crossover of a moving average.

donchian channels setup

In the example above you can see when the price breaks the upper or lower line it continues in the direction of the move. Also the middle line acts as support and resistance. In an up trend, the price tends to stay above the middle line and when in a downtrend it tends to stay below the middle line.


Donchian Channels can be a helpful indicator to use when trend trading because they can help you determine breakouts and reversals.


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