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Guide on How to Setup Phantom Wallet

Setup Guide for Phantom Wallet

phantom wallet tutorial
phantom wallet home page step 1

Phantom Wallet is the most popular Solana Wallet to store your coins or NFT’s. They have a browser extension and an app. Both have the same setup process I am going to show you how to setup it up.

Installing The Browser Extension

For the browser extension go to Phantom – A friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs and then click download in the top right corner.

phantom wallet setup step 2

Select your browser version for example Chrome, then it will take you to the chrome extension store where you will download and install the extension to your browser.

phantom wallet setup step 3

After installing the extension you will go to the top right of your browser and click extensions button and pin the extension then click phantom wallet again. 

Creating A Wallet

phantom wallet setup step 4

It will bring up a page where you can create a new wallet or if you already have one you can enter your recovery phrase. Since we are creating a wallet lets click create a wallet.

phantom wallet setup step 5

Next you will create a password and click continue.

phantom wallet setup step 6

After creating your password it will show you your recovery phrase. This is very important do not lose this or show it to anyone for any reason or you will lose access to your wallet forever. Hover over the phrase to view it and then write this down somewhere and keep it safe. Check i saved my recovery phrase and click continue.

phantom wallet setup step 7

Your Phantom Wallet has now been created click finish.

Final Setup

phantom wallet setup step 8

Click again on the Phantom Wallet extension and you will see your wallet. Once opened you will see your wallet address and buttons where you can deposit or send crypto to and from your wallet. To deposit crypto into your wallet you will just click deposit then choose your coin and it will give you the address to send your crypto to. You can also use Phantom Wallet for Solana NFT’s as well.

Setting up Solana Wallet is very easy and for the the mobile app it is the exact same as the browser extension just follow the steps above.


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